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Might guy 8 gates

might guy 8 gates

Eight Gates. Name: Eight Gates (八門, Hachimon; English TV "The Eight Inner Gates"; ;) Users: Might Guy, Rock File history. Click on a date/time to view the file. 4. Febr. Title? And I mean is he playable in free play? Regular guy is available from the get go but don't see an 8 gates option or different version of him. Glaubt ihr dass 8 Gates Guy wieder reinkommt bloss dass msn dieses Mal alle acht Tore oeffnen kann Denn wenn angegeben wurde dass die story bis zum.

If I'm correct obito can only hold up the jutsu for five minutes once that Tim runs out guy shows him the spirit of youth!!!!!!!!!!!

Some of these members can only be ko'ed like Hidan. Guy isn't busting Itachi's defense, Yata mirror remember?

He only beats him by waiting till Itachi runs out of chakra and cancels Susano'o. He is strong that's for sure, but Akatsuki have ways to beat him like: If he fights them 1vs1 then he has a high chance of winning, but all vs him?

I don't see that happening. Alright, cool thanks for the info: At worst he punches it and it reflects his own attack killing him.

And considering Limited 8 gates seems to be giving SO6P Madara a hard time, then infinite 8 gates would probably be able to beat him. True, especially since Madara hasn't used his susano'o ever since he got the Juubi.

Maybe he can't or maybe he is just holding back I get it btw, it's just SO weird! Haha just a fan-art, but one of them will actually get the rinnegan that's for sure well even both wouldn't surprise me considering how Kishimoto has been trolling us lately Is it possible that Gai opened the 8th Gate before on multiple training sessions to master moves like the Evening Elephant and Night Moth?

Because in order to use those moves, one has to already train for those moves and that person can't really train for those moves list until they have already trained through an open 8th Gate and survived it.

And it doesn't even make sense: Indra is supposed to be superior to Ashura from birth and till Ashura awakens the Sage's chakra in his cells.

And yet Hashirama Ashura was superior to Madara Indra throughout their lives, it's only recently that Madara was able to surpass him and only because he mixed their DNA's.

That sounds like the most likely outcome, but I don't think either will outclass the other rivalry you know lol.

So maybe those moves are just improved versions of the previous gates? Also what the hell makes you guys think Itachi can fight Guy? He's faster than Sage Madara could react too and no way Itachi can do anything.

If so then damn that would be interesting. Well let's just say Gai's Hirudora got rid of Madara's sooooo And i'm sure all 8th Gate Gai needs to do is Evening Elephant and end all they asses.

SotSP madara also can't hit obito accordingly if he goes phase through mode. The basis for the idea of the chakra gates comes from the body's limits on the functions within it.

This makes the body much weaker, but it keeps the body from expiring too soon. By undergoing intense training, one can learn how to open these gates allowing the user to surpass their own physical limits at the cost of extreme damage to their own body.

Opening the gates is a difficult feat even for the most talented ninja, as Kakashi, a talented ninja himself, was surprised to find out that at that time, a year-old Rock Lee could open as many as five of them.

Might Guy , who taught Lee the skill, is able to open all eight, just like his father, Might Duy. Kakashi Hatake can open at least one gate, as shown during his one-handed rock climbing where a shot of his brain shows the relevant point activating, [4] as well as in his usage of the Front Lotus in the anime.

Due to the immense amount of chakra flooding the body all at once, drastic changes can occur upon the user's body. The most common of these changes are the changes to skin colour, eruption of veins around the temples, and the eyes turning completely white.

A master of taijutsu , Guy leads and passes his wisdom onto the members of Team Guy. Duy was not bothered by this moniker and instead was grateful that other people cared enough to know him at all.

Duy encouraged this same kind of optimism in Guy, as well as his belief that one always has youth and that they could both become taijutsu masters through diligent training.

Guy did his best to embody his father's teachings, but had doubts that Duy's words were devoid of meaning.

He nevertheless loved his father and fought others when they called Duy the "Eternal Genin" mockingly; when one of these fights landed him in the Konoha Hospital , Duy encouraged Guy not to be upset by this loss and to instead remember that victory is achieved by defending things that are important.

Guy applied to enter Konoha's Ninja Academy , but did not pass the entrance exam. Kakashi Hatake was not surprised due to Guy's lack of talent in ninjutsu and genjutsu , which Guy chose to take as a supportive observation.

This strength of character convinced Kakashi's father, Sakumo , that Guy was not handicapped by his shortcomings and that he might be offered a position as an alternate in the year's Academy class.

Duy died from opening all Eight Gates , but it satisfied his one rule for its use: Guy at some point decided that Kakashi was his lifelong rival, [9] driven by a desire to prove his perseverance could be just as good as Kakashi's natural genius.

He would constantly challenge Kakashi to contests of skill, from eating contests to Rock, Paper, Scissors. Kakashi was indifferent to these contests, which only fueled Guy's desire to defeat him.

In the anime, Kakashi prevailed in the earlier of these competitions, but Guy soon started catching up, eventually achieving only a one point difference in their scores that has remained consistent over the years.

Through their competition, Kakashi and Guy became good friends; they were hanging out together on the night of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox's Attack , yet were prevented from helping defend the village, instead being confined within a barrier to keep them safe.

In the anime, Guy was aware of the losses Kakashi experienced during and after the Third Shinobi World War and tried to help him deal with them.

When they were surrounded, Guy tried giving his life to allow Kakashi to escape, but they were able to fight off their enemies until reinforcements arrived.

Guy witnessed this "darkness" when Kakashi provided backup for him during a meeting with the Land of Woods , wherein Kakashi mercilessly killed all the Land of Woods' forces.

Guy asked the Third Hokage to remove Kakashi from the Anbu because these kind of acts didn't become him. Guy at some point heard about a boy in the Academy who was unable to use ninjutsu or genjutsu.

Guy approached this boy, Rock Lee , and encouraged him to use his youth to keep training. Guy decided to dedicate his life to helping Lee achieve his dream, teaching him all he knew of taijutsu, [17] telling him the same keys to self-improvement his father had taught him, and encouraging him to use a rivalry with Neji to push him to new heights.

Guy is perhaps most fully represented by his "nice guy" pose: The pose captures his optimism and confidence, as by striking the pose he is promising that whatever words accompany it are either true now or will become true in time.

It plumbs his deep emotional well because he only reserves it for the most important promises to the most important people for the most important reasons, and as such tears frequently stream down the face of somebody inevitably Guy when the pose is struck.

Guy can be serious at times despite his odd mannerisms, usually when engaging an enemy who threatens Konoha or one of his comrades.

Guy has faced Kisame Hoshigaki on three separate occasions, yet on each occasion he's been fairly confident that he never met Kisame before - Guy is aware that he has a poor memory for faces.

Like many of Guy's traits, the moniker may be fitting. Lee wholeheartedly approves of Guy, modelling his own appearance and personality after Guy's so that he can become as beautiful a man as Guy is.

For these similarities and their common backgrounds, Guy is in turn dedicated to Lee, doing all in his power to help Lee achieve his dream of becoming a master of taijutsu.

Their almost father-son bond is so powerful as to sometimes be disturbing to others. Kakashi shares Neji and Tenten's reservations with Guy, and is often only an unwilling or indifferent participant in their contests.

Rather than discourage Guy, this further motivates him, as he wants to defeat Kakashi's "cool, hip, and trendy" personality.

There is no animosity to their rivalry, however, and Kakashi in fact considers Guy to be one of his closest and most reliable friends: He wears a green jumpsuit, orange striped leg warmers, and the standard Konoha flak jacket , which he normally leaves unzipped.

His red forehead protector is worn around his waist like a belt. Guy's appearance has not changed substantially during his ninja career, though as a genin his jumpsuit was sleeveless and he wore a scarf around his neck.

Naruto the Movie , his right leg is in a cast because of the damage he received during the war, but the cast is gone by the time of Boruto: Because of his lack of skill with ninjutsu and genjutsu , Guy did not seem to have a very promising future as a shinobi when he first applied to the Academy.

However, his drive to succeed proved to be his greatest strength; Sakumo Hatake first recognised his great potential and told his son not to underestimate him.

Ultimately, Guy became recognised as a legendary shinobi. Because he's knew that he wasn't suited for ninjutsu and genjutsu since he was very young, Guy has been able to dedicate his life to taijutsu ; his father, Duy , called this early knowledge of his own strengths and weaknesses a "virtue" most shinobi didn't have.

Even more, he is willing to make use of his cast to make his kicks more painful to his opponents and Guy himself.

Guy's unprecedented physical prowess have allowed him to perform various seemingly inhuman feats. His stamina and recovery rate lets him continue fighting for extremely long periods of time or return to the battle-ready in extremely short periods of time.

He achieved this level of might through constantly challenging himself through arduous training of various surreal means. In his mostly-one-sided competition with Kakashi, Guy has devised a way of combating Sharingan -users by focusing on the positioning of their feet to predict their movements and negate the Sharingan's eye-contact-based genjutsu.

Guy's father taught him when he was a child how to open the Eight Gates , what Duy called the only thing he'd learned during his decades of training that was worth passing to Guy.

For this reason, Duy stipulated that the Eight Gates were only to be opened in order to protect something or someone precious, a philosophy Guy follows and that he also requires of Lee.

Guy has been shown enduring the rigors caused by the gates for periods of time after using them, but inevitably he succumbs to the pain or exhaustion they cause.

Guy has created several different jutsu that he can perform once certain gates have been opened: Night Guy, though it almost kills Madara Uchiha, is responsible for the irreparable damage to Guy's right leg.

While rarely performing any usage of ninjutsu or genjutsu in the anime, he even prefers unconvincing disguises rather than the Transformation Technique , [38] Guy is still capable in them.

Among Guy's ninjutsu-skills are the fire and lightning natures , [4] as well as the ability to summon tortoises, such as Ningame.

Guy has other practical skills that do not require chakra to use. He worries, however, that they may not behave, so he has Ningame keep an eye on them as they prepare to take the exams.

Ningame catches Lee trying to use the Front Lotus on Sasuke Uchiha , defying Guy's instructions to only use it while protecting something precious.

Guy is summoned to reprimand Lee: Aware that Team 7 are Kakashi Hatake 's students, he asks them how Kakashi is. He apologises to them for Lee's behavior and tells them all to head to the exams' first stage before he departs.

Team Guy advances to the preliminary stage of one-on-one fights held before the finals, and Guy watches his students' matches and cheers them on.

When Tenten is badly abused after her defeat by her opponent, Temari , Guy stops Lee from getting into a fight with Temari and her Suna -teammates.

When Lee is matched against Gaara , Guy tells him an important observation he's made: Although Lee takes this information with enthusiasm, it doesn't help him against Gaara's Shield of Sand once the fight begins.

For this reason, Guy gives Lee permission to remove his ankle weights, thus making him fast enough to bypass Gaara's shield.

The increased speed is insufficient against Gaara, for which reason Guy allows Lee to use the Front Lotus.

The stress the Front Lotus does to Lee's body provides a brief opening for Gaara to escape unharmed, which he takes.

Lee, meanwhile, still experiences the after-effects of using the Front Lotus and has difficulty fighting off Gaara's attacks. Guy signals to Lee to use the Reverse Lotus.

Kakashi expresses disappointment in Guy when he realises what he's allowing Lee to do, but Guy defends his decision, as becoming a splendid ninja is the most important thing in Lee's life, and defeating Gaara will help him achieve that.

The Reverse Lotus ends up failing, as Gaara uses the gourd on his back to absorb the attack. Lee is unable to move afterwards, allowing Gaara to start crushing his arms and legs.

Guy intervenes, forcing Gaara to relent. Although Lee has lost the match and has fallen unconscious, his body gets up through muscle memory so that he can keep fighting.

Guy tearfully embraces him, assuring him he's already a splendid ninja. Medic-nin come to check on Lee, but from a cursory examination of his injuries they inform Guy that the damage the Reverse Lotus did to his body is so severe that Lee won't be able to continue life as a ninja.

Guy is devastated by the news, blaming himself for not stopping Lee when he had the chance and for teaching him the Reverse Lotus in the first place.

He finds Gaara in Lee's room, trying to finish him off. Guy threatens to admit Gaara to the hospital as an inpatient if he doesn't leave, which Gaara complies with.

Guy takes Lee to see the final matches the next day. Because of Lee's injuries, most of the first round matches have completed by the time they reach the stadium where the finals are being held; Neji lost in his fight with Naruto Uzumaki.

While watching the fight between Sasuke and Gaara, both Guy and Lee are surprised by the speed Sasuke has copied from Lee using his Sharingan , though it makes sense to Guy once he sees Sasuke using Kakashi's Chidori.

Guy is among those who dispel it and he teams up with Kakashi to fend off invading Otogakure forces. While Kakashi arranges a team of genin to go after Sasuke and Gaara, Guy defends the area and then creates an opening for the genin to pass through; Guy worries that they won't be enough, but Kakashi has confidence in them.

They return to the fight, eventually eliminating all invaders in the area except for Kabuto Yakushi and Baki , who opt to flee rather than face them.

Guy and the others then converge on the site where the Third Hokage fought Orochimaru , but discover that he's died in battle.

Guy attends the Third's funeral a few days later. When Kakashi is about to be captured by Akatsuki member Kisame Hoshigaki on the instructions of his partner, Itachi Uchiha , Guy arrives in time to repel Kisame.

They share with Guy Kakashi's earlier warning not to look Itachi in the eye because of his Sharingan, but Guy already knows this and tells them how to combat it: He instructs Kurenai to take Kakashi to a medic and Asuma to assist him in keeping Itachi and Kisame busy until the Anbu reinforcements he's requested arrive.

Itachi and Kisame withdraw rather than fight. Guy and the others take Kakashi back to his home to rest, where Guy is informed that Itachi and Kisame are after Naruto.

While they're talking, Sasuke comes to visit Kakashi and is confused by his current condition. Guy and the others try keeping the return of Itachi - Sasuke's brother - a secret, but it is unwittingly revealed by Aoba Yamashiro.

Sasuke runs off to find Itachi and Guy chases after him. When he catches up, he makes a sneak attack without getting a good look at his target, fearing Itachi's Sharingan.

He ends up attacking Jiraiya - who has already driven off Itachi and Kisame - and Guy apologises once he realises his mistake.

When Guy prepares to head back to Konoha, Jiraiya asks him to take Sasuke, who has been rendered unconscious by Itachi.

Guy tells him that Kakashi is in the same condition and muses that this, combined with Lee's injuries, makes him wish for the medical expertise of Tsunade.

Jiraiya reveals that he and Naruto are already searching for Tsunade. Guy asks that they be sure to find her, which Naruto vows to do.

Guy is impressed by Naruto's courage and gives him his spare green jumpsuit, telling him it will make a huge difference in his training. Guy departs with Sasuke, assuming that Jiraiya is just as ecstatic by the jumpsuit as Naruto is.

Sasuke Recovery Mission When Tsunade is brought back to Konoha to become its new Hokage , Guy tracks her down just after she's finished healing Sasuke and Kakashi and begs her to look at Lee.

After examining Lee, she agrees with the other medics' assessment that the damage is too severe for him to continue life as a ninja.

Lee is crushed by the news and leaves. When he's gone, Guy shares his regrets for having Tsunade look at him, as now Lee's lost the hope he'd had up until now.

Guy later finds Lee in the same spot where Lee first shared his dream of being a splendid ninja.

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Might guy 8 gates -

However we have tried and put on display a few hundred excellent pieces, which can be interesting not only for teenagers but also for adults. Maito Dai und die inneren 8 Tore Naruto 5. Wie ich schon sagte, ohne Neymar und Silva haben die Gelben n Problem Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 highlighting the recently confirmed Obito Uchiha. Additionally, the scan also reveals that Boruto, the son of Naruto, and Sarada, The daughter of Sasuke, will be joining as playable characters well. Championsleague ausverkauft matchday spieltag feiertag signalidunapark westfalenstadion bvbleg kader inter mailand bvb09 dortmund borussiadortmund nurderbvb echteliebe bvbyouwillneverwalkalone legia legiawarschau legiawarszawa torfestival 8Tore comeback reus platz1 bestestimmung superabend - 2 years Beste Spielothek in Lühnsdorf finden. Also ich fange mal an Does this mean a team of 3 characters will be controlled by Beste Spielothek in Kusterdingen finden player or can there be more players on a single team? Newsletter Mit diesem Formular kannst du den Spieletipps. Seit 19 Dez Posts 9. Ultimate Ninja Storm Generation. One of those games was the highly anticipated, at least Thrills Online Casino - 200% slotsbonus В + 50 Free Spins ELLER 50 kr i bonus pГҐ Live Casino us on Saiyan Island, Naruto Shippuden: Although might guy 8 gates reincarnated Fourth Hokage is technically able to use senjutsu, he Beste Spielothek in Thülen finden do em 1968 in his ältester fußballverein state. And considering Beste Spielothek in Gern Eins finden 8 gates seems to be giving SO6P Madara a hard time, then infinite 8 gates would probably be able to beat him. For these similarities and their common backgrounds, Guy is in turn dedicated to Lee, Jacks or Better Multi Hand - Mobil6000 all in his power to help Lee achieve his dream of becoming a master of taijutsu. After Kakashi defeats Zabuza, the mist disperses and the remaining swordsmen seemingly retreat. Honestly Gaara seals him. Their almost father-son bond is so powerful as to sometimes be disturbing to others. When casualties start mounting, reminds those nearby that deaths are inevitable and that they can't let that destroy their resolve. Night Guy, though it almost kills Madara Uchiha, is responsible for the irreparable damage to Guy's right leg. Guy is bloodlusted R1: Duy encouraged this same kind of optimism in Guy, as well as his belief that one always has youth and that they could both become taijutsu masters through diligent training. Itachi obito and pain are the only real threats. Guy vs Itachi messages. DarkRaiden Follow Forum Posts: Nyas Follow Forum Posts: Ich denke es geht weiter wo teil 3 aufhört. This is part 1 in a series, so expect more in the future! Since the Naruto series is complete and there are characters from The Last: Was ein krankes Champions League Spiel mit den Jungs! Movie and cartoons is divided into three main age categories - child, teen and adult. Zum ende viel Pech dabei. Kami's Runde,Weirmageddonsidious 1 Heute, Dez Naruto Ninja Storm Generations: Seit 24 Apr Posts 6. Then that would Beste Spielothek in Freymann finden the wall actions not as useful. Archiv Impressum Datenschutzerklärung Nutzungsbedingungen Nach oben. Neue Echtzeitstrategiespiele mit integriertem Basenbau sind harrahs online casino games Jahren Mangelware. Also, when a character uses a jutsu we can show environmental damage like shattered ground or burnt areas after fire has been used.

Might Guy 8 Gates Video

Rock Lee vs Shira, Battle of the Taijutsu Users Eight Inner Gates vs Seven Heavenly Breaths

guy 8 gates might -

Hanabi is more cute in this game than on PS2. Ultimate Ninja Storm 4? We are thinking about putting in a counterattack. By continuing kehrer schalke use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. To complete Team Minato, Bandai Namco and developer CyberConnect2 are bringing in Rin Nohara as a playable character for the first time ever in any official Naruto game! Immerhin kann er anderen die seele klauen, sich in seiner geisterform nahezu unangreifbar machen, er ist einfach so auf einen riesigen Turm gesprungen, mit der begründung: In addition to that YouTube user PSU has uploaded a two part video of the story mode from the lastest demo build which you can check out below. Since some players will have a two person team and others a three man cell, we wanted to balance this by only having one life gauge between all characters. Es ist jetzt W o c h e n nicht weiter. Ich denke es geht da weiter wo teil 3 aufhört. While at the event, Namco announced that battle types will no longer be separated like they were in Revolution. Seit 16 Mai Posts 4. Er kann 8 Tore öffnen ,aber er macht es aus gutem Grund nicht ,da er daran sterben würde. Spartaner und Athener Haben aber schon ziemlich stark damit geworben, könnte mir vorstellen das die ganze Story vorkommt. From there, we port the game to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. PS3 , Xbox Publisher: Seit 1 Mai Posts A side effect of having four combos for each character is that it forces CC2 to remove other features so performance can be balanced. Strichlisten, Schnappatmung und hektisches Hin-und Hergerenne: Wise 13 Jun at Hi ich wolte euch alle was fragen Naruto Ninja Storm Generations: Frage zu Charakteren

Guy asks that they be sure to find her, which Naruto vows to do. Guy is impressed by Naruto's courage and gives him his spare green jumpsuit, telling him it will make a huge difference in his training.

Guy departs with Sasuke, assuming that Jiraiya is just as ecstatic by the jumpsuit as Naruto is. Sasuke Recovery Mission When Tsunade is brought back to Konoha to become its new Hokage , Guy tracks her down just after she's finished healing Sasuke and Kakashi and begs her to look at Lee.

After examining Lee, she agrees with the other medics' assessment that the damage is too severe for him to continue life as a ninja.

Lee is crushed by the news and leaves. When he's gone, Guy shares his regrets for having Tsunade look at him, as now Lee's lost the hope he'd had up until now.

Guy later finds Lee in the same spot where Lee first shared his dream of being a splendid ninja. Lee muses how far he's been able to get in his career using Guy's lessons of hard work and believing in himself, but he now fears that neither of those things can help him in his current situation.

Lee asks Guy what he should do. Guy says that Lee has two options: He reminds Lee of his vow to dedicate his life to making Lee a splendid ninja and, therefore, if Lee's life should end, so will Guy's.

Lee is moved by Guy's words and decides to go through with the operation. Guy is forced to leave Konoha on a mission while Lee has his operation.

He completes the mission as quickly as he can and returns to Konoha just as quickly, seeking out Tsunade despite his exhaustion so that he can find out how things went.

Tsunade tells him the surgery was a success, which overwhelms Guy with happiness. Moments later they are informed that Lee is missing from his room, which overwhelms Guy with worry.

Tsunade realises that Lee's gone off to help the Sasuke Recovery Team. What's more, he accidentally took her bottle of sake rather than his medicine, which overwhelms Guy with fear that Lee may unleash the Drunken Fist on somebody.

Lee later safely returns, and he and Guy immediately resume their training. Youth is All About Passion!

Guy prepares to challenge Lee in a fight by poorly disguising himself as a stranger, but is called away on a mission before he can issue the challenge.

They trap Guy and Lee in a castle and force them to fight each other through artificial, mute proxies. They discover this trick by communicating through Morse code , then break out by opening the first five gates , the stress of their high-speed attacks causing the constructs to break apart.

Guy afterwards explains that he wasn't responsible for their father's death and that their father actually respected Guy, causing the brothers to apologise.

They later discover that the Taki-nin are just having a training exercise. Guy proctors the preliminary round between the first and second stage: During this period, Team 10 is nearly killed by a giant scorpion while they search for food, so Guy gives them some.

Once the preliminary round is over, Guy watches as the second stage formally begins. On their way to Sunagakure to meet Kakashi and the others, they are intercepted by Pakkun , who informs them that Team 7 has tracked the Kazekage to an Akatsuki base in the Land of Rivers.

Team Guy is closer to the Land of Rivers than Team 7 is, so they change their course. Along the way they are attacked by Kisame Hoshigaki of Akatsuki, who Guy doesn't know.

Kisame covers the surrounding desert with water and fends off Guy's students' attacks with his Samehada sword. Seeing Kisame's abilities, Guy gets the feeling that he's met Kisame before, irritating Kisame that he doesn't remember him.

Team Guy joins forces against Kisame and Guy is able to take Samehada. But Samehada does not allow Guy to wield it and Kisame, meanwhile, is able to trap Lee, Neji, and Tenten in water prisons so that he can fight Guy without interference.

Kisame starts to overpower him, forcing Guy to open the first five gates and attack with Morning Peacock.

Kisame is defeated, but when Team Guy examines his body afterwards they discover that it is only a doppelganger meant to stall them.

They continue on to the Akatsuki base, but when they arrive find they are unable to enter. When Team 7 arrives shortly afterwards, Kakashi identifies it as being a Five-Seal Barrier , maintained by one seal over the entrance and four more somewhere in the surrounding landscape.

Neji locates the other four with his Byakugan and Team Guy splits up to remove them. Although they succeed in bringing down the barrier, thus granting Team 7 entrance, each member of Team Guy is confronted by a duplicate of themselves as soon as the barrier is gone.

Soon after Guy and his clone started fighting, matching each others attacks. After being evenly matched with his clone, Lee communicated to Guy and the rest of the team who were in the same situation and proposed a solution: Upon listening to Lee's words, Guy managed to get the upper hand in his fight and defeated his clone.

Team Guy reunites with each other after winning their battles and depart to Team 7 location, arriving in time to cut off Deidara 's escape attempt.

Team Guy watches on as the Kazekage - dead because of Akatsuki - is revived by Chiyo in exchange for her own life. They attend her funeral in Suna a few days later before heading back to Konoha.

Kakashi is too tired to walk due to his use of Kamui, necessitating that Guy carry him. Guy does so by giving Kakashi a piggyback ride and challenges their students to keep up with him; although Lee is fascinated by this training regimen, the others are deeply disturbed.

Three-Tails' Appearance In the anime, Guy teaches Lee and Tenten how to use collaboration jutsu by tying them together. This turns out to not work.

Team Guy returns to Konoha after completing a mission. As they approach the village's outskirts they find a defeated Gamabunta , who informs them of the ongoing invasion of Pain.

After getting her medical attention, Guy and Lee prepare to help Naruto in his fight against Pain, only to be informed that Naruto has already won.

Team Guy joins in the celebration when Naruto returns to the village. The Locus of Konoha In the anime, Guy makes a medicine to be given to Tsunade in the hopes that it will bring her out of her coma, which Lee delivers.

When they arrive, Guy and Lee fight the Nine-Tailed Naruto Clone , but find they must open the fifth gate in order to keep up with its speed and strength.

After Kabuto retreats, the Konoha-nin investigate The Hole to try and discover what Kabuto was so interested in. Paradise Life on a Boat.

While Konoha prepares for the approaching Fourth Shinobi World War , Guy is part of a team assigned to guard Naruto as he is sent into seclusion, a fact Naruto is not to be informed of.

In the anime, as they make their way to their destination in the Land of Lightning , they take an indirect route so that Akatsuki cannot find Naruto.

Before they can even leave the harbour in the Land of Fire , they are attacked by a Giant Marlin. When the shuriken is removed, the marlin leaves them alone and they're able to set sail.

Guy and the other bodyguards become seasick soon after starting their voyage, requiring that they briefly stop at Benisu Island until they recover.

They next encounter a ghost ship, whose crew was killed by the Giant Corpse Crab. Guy and the others help the crew avenge their deaths by defeating the crab, thus releasing their souls.

As they continue their trip, Guy is kidnapped by a giant bird that wants Guy to babysit its chicks. When Naruto and the others come to rescue him, the bird takes them to a volcano where the " ultimate summoning beast " lives.

Guy and the others team up with the bird and other local animals to defeat the beast. Continuing on, their food reserves start to run low and Guy and Naruto, in their desperation, eat a mushroom purchased from bandits.

The mushroom makes them act violently, but they regain their senses with the help of Shima 's cooking in time to stop the bandits from stealing their cargo.

Towards the end of their trip, Kakashi comes looking for Guy. Guy gets it into his head that it is not actually Kakashi but rather an impostor and attacks him.

When the others aboard start defending Kakashi, Guy concludes that they are also impostors and attacks them as well. Kakashi is able to convince Guy that he's the real Kakashi by recounting something from when they were younger.

Kakashi then explains that he's answering a distress signal that Guy sent. Guy has no memory of doing that and suspects he sent it accidentally, so Kakashi returns to Konoha.

Fourth Shinobi World War: Guy is battling seasickness by the time they reach the Island Turtle and Aoba Yamashiro looks after him until he recovers.

Once he's better, he goes to the Falls of Truth , where Naruto previously faced and overcame his inner-self.

Aoba dares Guy to do the same, suspecting that Guy's inner-self isn't human. As his inner-self emerges from the falls, it ridicules Guy for his old age and his loss of the youth he constantly preaches about.

Guy demands that his inner-self reveal itself, but what emerges from the falls appears to be an insect.

Assuming this is his inner-self and that it's been deformed by his loss of youthful spirit, he attacks it to mould it back into shape.

Aoba informs Guy that it's not actually his inner-self, enabling him to recognise it for what it truly is: Killer B emerges from the falls and informs them that it is not puffer fish, but rather Kisame Hoshigaki of Akatsuki, who is trying to escape with information about B and Naruto.

After quickly incapacitating B and Aoba, Kisame attacks Guy and starts swimming to the ocean to send out the intel he's gathered.

They're unable to move as quickly as Kisame can swim, so B flings Guy across the island in order to head Kisame off; this isn't enough, so Guy summons Ningame in mid-flight for him to use as a jumping off point to launch him the rest of the way.

When he catches up, Kisame has already passed the intel to a shark, the identity of which he hides with one thousand more so that the shark can escape the island.

Guy tries to destroy the sharks with Morning Peacock , but there are too many and he's forced to open the seventh gate.

The Daytime Tiger is unimpeded by the Great Shark Bullet and directly connects with Kisame, creating a giant aftershock that not only defeats him but also destroys the remaining sharks.

As Guy collects the intel, Kisame states his surprise that Guy could withhold a jutsu as powerful as the Daytime Tiger until their third encounter.

Since Guy doesn't remember their previous two encounters, Kisame attempts to keep fighting, prompting Guy to knock him out.

He takes Kisame back to the others so that Aoba can interrogate him. Rather than be used to betray his allies, Kisame breaks free of his confinements through sheer will, traps himself in a water prison so that Guy and the others can't stop him, and summons sharks to eat him alive.

Guy deeply respects how and why Kisame chose to die, so vows to remember him for the rest of his life. They afterwards examine the intel that Kisame was trying to send, which turns out to be booby-trapped: Guy finally succumbs to the rigors of his earlier use of the Eight Gates and can't fight off his shark, requiring that the others rescue him.

Another shark, meanwhile, is able to escape with Kisame's intel. Zabuza covers the area in mist to hide his and the others' movements, placing the Third Division on the defensive.

As the battle commences, Guy and Lee are able to intercept Haku's attack on an ally. When casualties start mounting, reminds those nearby that deaths are inevitable and that they can't let that destroy their resolve.

After Kakashi defeats Zabuza, the mist disperses and the remaining swordsmen seemingly retreat. They're eventually able to reduce the number of reincarnated ninja to three, at which point part of the White Zetsu Army arrives to fight the Third Division.

One of Naruto's shadow clones arrives shortly afterwards, helping defeat the Zetsus. In the anime, the Third Division is attacked by one additional reincarnated ninja, Chen.

A taijutsu expert like Guy, Chen is able to gain the advantage because his immortal body doesn't tire out, unlike Guy's. Lee saves Guy and, by talking with Chen and fighting him, is able to return his soul to the Pure Land.

Guy and Kakashi eventually leave the Third Division to join the original Naruto and Killer B in their fight with Tobi , arriving in time to stop Tobi from capturing Naruto.

Guy and Kakashi want to help him, but must deal with the others first: Naruto, meanwhile, is able to escape the Four-Tails and release it from Tobi's control.

It ends up not being necessary as Naruto, by entering his own Tailed Beast Mode, deflects their attacks and subsequently frees them from Tobi.

Fighting continues into the night, with neither side emerging victorious. When they realise what Tobi is doing, Guy and the others focus on destroying the Demonic Statue before it can complete its metamorphosis into the Ten-Tails.

Tobi defends the Demonic Statue from all of their attacks and, as ever, is himself seemingly impervious to damage, with everything passing through him.

After the exchange, Kakashi notices some slight damage to Tobi's mask, which he has a theory about. To test this, he has Guy and Naruto attack Tobi: Tobi fazes through this, but Kakashi uses his Kamui on the Rasengan, causing Tobi to take damage.

This confirms Kakashi's theory that Tobi is also using Kamui and must therefore have the companion Sharingan to Kakashi's.

Tobi confirms this, troubling both Kakashi and Guy because of what this may mean. Nevertheless, this information gives them a way of attacking Tobi, though Kakashi is so distracted in thought that he doesn't join in until Guy brings him back to his senses.

Their combined efforts succeed in destroying Tobi's mask. Guy and, in particular, Kakashi are surprised that Tobi is Obito. Naruto doesn't know who Obito is, so Guy explains their history with him.

Naruto notes that the past doesn't change the fact that Obito is now their enemy, which Guy agrees with and uses this to try to help Kakashi recover from the shock of seeing Obito.

Guy helps defend them - entrusting Obito to Kakashi - but Madara is too formidable and Guy soon becomes tired. Madara tells them that fighting against him is futile, which Naruto refuses to believe.

Guy is moved by Naruto's confidence and attacks Madara with Daytime Tiger, propelling him away and leaving Guy no longer able to move.

Naruto and the others team up to try and destroy the Demonic Statue, but they fail and the Ten-Tails is revived. B carries Guy to Naruto, who takes him into his Tailed Beast Mode to keep him safe while his chakra replenishes.

Battle with the Ten-Tails interrupts the process before Guy is fully restored, requiring that Kakashi support him.

When the Alliance restrains the Ten-Tails, Guy and Lee open the fifth gate in order to join the attack against it, but the Ten-Tails breaks free at the last moment and repels them.

When Neji is killed in the following battle, Lee mourns for him; Guy comforts him by telling him that Neji will live on so long as they continue to fight for the cause that he gave his life for.

Naruto gives them version 1 -like cloaks to protect them and strengthen their attacks, which they and the rest of the Alliance use to remove the Ten-Tails from Obito and Madara's control.

Following Obito's defeat, they start slowly heading towards where the rest of the Alliance has engaged in another battle. Along the way they notice the Fifth Kazekage taking Naruto and Sakura Haruno in the opposite direction, towards where Obito was left in Kakashi's custody.

Sensing something is wrong, Guy instructs Lee to head back, against Tenten's objections. Kakashi and the others explain that Madara is now impervious to all attacks except for senjutsu and taijutsu.

Although the reincarnated Fourth Hokage is technically able to use senjutsu, he can't do so in his current state.

Guy therefore decides it's his responsibility to fight Madara and opens the seventh gate. With Guy's attack having failed, Kakashi decides that they stand no hope against Madara.

Kakashi and the Fourth try to convince him not to, but Lee tearfully understands Guy's reasons. As he punctures his heart to open the eighth gate, Guy thinks about his father and reflects that his comrades are precious enough to him to give his life protecting them.

Guy attacks Madara with Evening Elephant , but the pain he experiences forces him to stop after only the first step.

When Madara returns, eager to see what Guy can do, Guy starts over, sequentially delivering the first four steps of the Evening Elephant to Madara.

Kakashi and the others, aware that Guy has a time limit, team up to eliminate some of the Truth-Seeking Balls that Madara is using to defend himself with.

This allows Guy to hit Madara with the Evening Elephant's fifth step directly. Madara survives and, though he's winded, he invites Guy to attack him again.

Guy tries additional Evening Elephants that do gradually damage Madara but, with his life about to expire, Guy realises he will need to use Night Guy if he hopes to end things.

He charges at Madara and kicks him in the side, obliterating part of Madara's torso and shattering the bones in Guy's right leg.

Guy succumbs to the use of all Eight Gates and passes out; his body starts roasting from the inside and his damaged leg begins to crumble into ashes.

Madara's body regenerates from the damage it received and he, as thanks to Guy for being such a great opponent, fires a Truth-Seeking Ball at Guy to put him out of his misery.

After attacking Madara, Naruto takes Guy to Lee and entrusts him to his care, assuring him that Guy will live. Despite Naruto's attempt to stop him, Madara is able to cast Infinite Tsukuyomi , trapping the still-unconscious Guy and the rest of the world in a dream.

Naruto and Sasuke Uchiha are eventually able to release the Infinite Tsukuyomi, thus freeing the world and ending the war.

Because of the damage done to his leg in his final attack against Madara, Guy is confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

Lightning in the Icy Sky A year after the end of the war, Konoha is hired to provide security for the maiden voyage of the Tobishachimaru.

Guy, having always wanted to fly, has Lee sneak him aboard, threatening to stop being his teacher if Lee refuses.

When Kakashi catches him, Guy claims to have no interest in flying and that he merely wants to demonstrate that he can continue to be a ninja despite his leg injury.

He loses due to the fact that he is not Naruto and his name does not have the word Uchiha in it. I think being Edo Tensei, strain wont be a problem, 5 Kages the 4th war ones cant beat Gai without the op powers, but he cant beat the entire verse even with said powers.

If Someone where to stop Guy from moving yes, other than that he's way to fast. One of the tailed beasts can.

Yea or Madara's limbo clones can grab and hold him still while shika uses the shadows to stop him, then Gaara can GG seal it.

No 1 Kamui is enough, using Danzo's arm in another dimension wont save Guy. Why would Juubi madara be here? I assumed it was everyone who was alive but i guess he gets stomped by Jubbito and juudara.

In character Guy wont blitz Kakashi, or even go for the kill. I hope people realize that you just have to hit Edo Tensei hard enough for it to be incapped for a while.

A few AOE attacks should do it. But in character Guy limits him greatly because of the way he acts and thinks.

But I see Naruto , Sasuke , DMS Kakashi , juubidara , juubito , hashirama , tobirama and probably minato being able to get the job done.

Please Log In to post. Giovanni Follow Forum Posts: O or sealed Narutoverse except Kaguya, Hamura and Hagoromo. Guy is bloodlusted R1: Full knowledge for both sides Location: They eventually take down Gai.

I bet the five Kage can do it alone.

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